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Jackson Galaxy Spirit Essences™ Stress Stopper

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This remedy is great for the occasional, short-duration stresses that an animal faces: trip to the vet, thunder and lightning, fireworks, parties, vacuum, lawnmower, machinery, visitors and houseguests, vacations (if the animal is boarded or has a pet-sitter), unusual noises (remodeling, construction, roadwork, etc.), arguments with other animals, repairpersons; also good for animals who are left home alone all day, to prevent boredom and stress. It helps animals feel grounded and protected.

This product is formulated for all animals.


There are several easy ways to give Spirit Essences™ to animals, but no matter the method, always do this first: Tap the bottom of the bottle against the palm of your hand approximately 5 – 10 times before administering. This activates the essence remedy and should be done each time immediately prior to administering. Here are ways you can administer the remedy:

  • Add 3-5 drops to water and food (Remember more drops does not equal better results)
  • Use spray top to mist a room, carrier, bedding, car interior, litterbox area, stall, trailer, or other specific problem area. Misting the house or apartment is a great way to treat the whole household
  • Apply a few drops to or mist a favorite toy or brush
  • Put a few drops in your hand, rub hands together and pet your animal's head, body, ears, and/or paws

We recommend starting with 3 or 4 times a day, for 2 weeks. Once improvement is established, usually within 2-4 weeks, you can wean the animal off by gradually decreasing the frequency of administration.

  • Includes atomizer spray-top
  • Dropper built into cap
  • 2 fl oz.
  • Made in U.S.A.

Spirit Essences™ are not like medicines, drugs, or supplements and need not be swallowed. Once they contact the animal (even slightly via an animal's living area, such as bedding, brush, or spraying inside a kennel or carrier, etc.), they are doing their job. This is because the remedies are energy-based. The ingredients do not contain actual plant, animal, or mineral material, but the energy blueprint of various plants, animals, minerals, objects, or even places.

Please remember that Jackson Galaxy's Spirit Essences™ work best when part of a more holistic treatment program, that may include proper veterinary care, diet, behavior modification, and other holistic modalities. Store Spirit Essences™ remedies out of direct sunlight and away from strong odors (cosmetics, medicines, spices) or electromagnetic fields (microwave, refrigerator, stereo). In other words, a cabinet is best.

Physical Ingredients: Natural Spring Water, Alcohol (as a preservative)

Energy-based Ingredients:

  • Essence of Lotus, Lakshmi, Full Color Spectrum, Reiki Energy, our own gem infusion and the following essences:
  • From Flower Essence Society Healing Herbs (Bach Flower Equivalent): Aspen, Mimulus, 5-Flower Formula, Scleranthus, Sweet Chestnut
  • From Flower Essence Society: Blackberry, Canyon Dudleya, Cat's Claw
  • From Kaua'i Starmen: Canna Lily
  • From Pacific Essences: Chiton, Staghorn Algae
  • From South African Flower and Gem Essences: Orange
  • From Rocky Mountain Essences: Mountain Pool, Pennyroyal
  • From Watersong Sanctuary: Pelican
  • From Green Hope Farm: Basil, Lantana Involucrata, Valerian, The Watchman, White Cedar
  • From Bailey Essences: Grounding Essence


Spirit Essences utilize a holistic modality commonly known as "flower essences." (They are not essential oils; they are not homeopathics.) The only veterinarian-formulated line of its kind in the world, Jackson has developed and refined these remedies based on his over 15 years of experience and the needs of his clients.

Spirit Essences are not treating specific behaviors or symptoms, but rather the emotional or energetic imbalances underlying them. By doing this, we increase the likelihood that corresponding problems will be diminished or eliminated. To increase the dose, increase the frequency of administering the remedy, not the amount given per administration. For example: applying drops to an animal 5 times/day vs. 2 times/day. While no treatment can be guaranteed to work 100% for every single case, it is a very rare animal that does not noticeably respond to Spirit Essences.

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Review count: 17

Recent reviews:

May 14, 2015 - I was a little skeptic at first. I had never tried holistic medication. My cat has feline herpes and use to flare up really easy. Anytime we traveled she would flare up and end up with a bad URI. I bought stress stopper because we were going to be moving homes and figured that would flare her herpes. We used Stress Stopper in the move, and no flare up. We used Stress Stopper in a 2 week trip we had, and she didn't flare up. We even used Stress Stopper when we adopted a new cat, and NO flare up!! Our cat has not had an URI since we got it! :)

April 22, 2015 - Not sure if this is working but there seems to be a small improvement with my babies outbursts of crying...I tried the stuff for HYPER cats before this because my 15 yr olds (twin Siamese) wander around and cry and it didnt work. Playing with them or petting etc doesnt help and they do not have health issues (other then being older). And the female know when I am even getting up to get the stuff to rub on her she will run away and will not let me near her she is smart! But I will give the Stress stopper more time it is only been a week or two. I realize it may take longer...

February 26, 2015 - I was very skeptical that the drops would have any effect on Sylvester, one of the many cats in my house - He was just too hyper. Boy, was I wrong to doubt! Since I have been spraying his bed and putting drops in his water Sylvester has truly mellowed. I am so amazed at the dramatic difference.

January 26, 2015 - I have 2 jumpy black cats. Sometimes when they get spooked it can last a couple of days. Whenever i've seen them acting stressed out, i rub a few drops in my palm and pet them in long soothing strokes. One responds more than the other and will start to purr and relax almost immediately. Its pretty amazing and improves their quality of life.

December 30, 2014 - After my cat began having seizures, she also began to show signs of stress and would hide. While this product doesn't help with her seizures, I have noticed that she doesn't hide much anymore and seems more confident and less stressed out. Her personality is returning to normal again.

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