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Purple Paw Lightweight Thermal HoodieJackson Gear495 Shipping
Jackson Galaxy - Picture
Each item you buy brings us closer to the dream of a world where all animals have a home.
Your purchase funds great work being done for animals through the Jackson Galaxy Foundation.


Cat Hair T-Shirt

From $16.95

WonderFunder: Peeping Felines Kitchen Towel

From $17.95
WonderFunder!™ Kitchen Towel

Paws Galore Nail Art

One of our favorites!

All Over Paws Socks

From $2.99
On Sale!

Jackson Galaxy Denim Twisted Kicker™

One of our favorites!

Cat Tail Scoop Neck Tee

One of our favorites!

"Meow is the Time" Watch

One of our favorites!

Forever in My Heart Paw Print Necklace

One of our favorites!

Purple Paw Silicone Slap Watch

From $6.00
Special Value!

Women's Paw Print Fleece Vest

From $20.00
Everyday Value!

Cat Mom Striped Hoodie

From $54.95
One of our favorites!