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  Fizzion Pet Stain & Odor Remover 2-Tablet Pack

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Fizzion Pet Stain & Odor Remover 2-Tablet Pack

Each tablet makes 23 oz. of Fizzion cleaner.
Once dissolved, Fizzion will stay active for up to a year.

The Fizzion instructions for use are:

1. Fill Fizzion spray bottle with warm water, leave space at the top
2. Drop 1 Fizzion tablet into the spray bottle
3. Wait 30 seconds, attach the sprayer and begin cleaning as described below

Prior to cleaning stains remove any loose material that may be present.

With urine stains, absorb as much of the urine as possible before applying Fizzion. Apply cleaner a few inches outside the stain, working back to the center. Avoid over saturating. For best results, gently blot with a cotton towel until clean. To deodorize the stain, spray the area again with Fizzion and allow to dry.

A suggestion for removing vomit is to immediately cover the stain with baking soda. Not only will the baking soda absorb the liquid within the vomit, it will also neutralize some of the very harsh stomach acids that will permanently discolor and burn the carpet. After the baking soda has had sufficient time to sit, scrape it off and treat with Fizzion.

Fizzion will safely remove most protein and grease stains from carpet and upholstery.

The Science Behind Fizzion
Fizzion is neither a deodorizer, oxy nor enzyme. It is in a unique category altogether. Developed as a heavyweight commercial cleaner, Fizzion’s powerful CO2 fizzing action unlocks and cleans stains and odors on contact.
Before we elaborate on this cutting edge chemistry, it is important to understand what causes the toughest stains and odors and why they are so difficult to break down.

Most pet stains and odors are protein based (ie: urine, feces and vomit). They are derived from proteins being excreted from the animal’s body. The ideal cleaner will work best on protein stains and odors rather than heavy oils and dirt that you would find in traditional household cleaners.

FECES: Feces is easier to clean than urine because it does not contain the same bacterial elements that linger and proliferate. The odor will disappear when these particles dry and are removed or scraped away. Even in the case of diarrhea the bacteria is not as stubborn as urine so the odor should not linger too long.

VOMIT: Depending on how far along the digestion process has gone will dictate how powerful the stain and odor will be. Most commercial pet foods contain the ingredient Red 40, which is a common food dye that the pet’s body breaks down naturally during digestion. The problem with Red 40 is that it is very difficult to clean even for the toughest cleaners. If your pet vomits before the Red 40 is broken down in its system that will be a challenge to remove from a carpet.

URINE: This is by far the most difficult and elusive culprit of stain and odor. Urine is comprised of three chemicals:
Urochrome: This causes the pigmentation in urine
Urea: Eliminates excess nitrogen
Uric Acid: A by-product of normal metabolism that is excreted in crystal form from the body. These crystals are insoluble, which makes it very difficult for traditional cleaners to dissolve and remove.

Bacteria love the chemicals of urea, urochrome, and uric acid. Bacteria digest them and release nasty, gaseous, by-products that have an ammonia-like smell. This smell is offensive to humans, but ironically very alluring to pets. This is why pets are likely to do their business in the same place over and over again!!

In order to completely eliminate the stain and the odor caused by urine, all three components must be completely eliminated. Perhaps the most challenging are those pesky little uric acid crystals!!


There are three prevailing trends that have dominated over the past several decades, “the deodorizers”, “the oxys” and “the enzymatic” cleaners. Now that you understand what causes the stains and odors, let’s walk through why the three prevailing techniques have not been able to successfully eliminate stains and odors permanently.

"Enzymatic cleaners"
There are several challenges with enzymatic cleaners. First, the enzyme has to remain on the stain until it air dries. This can take several hours, even days. In the meantime, the smell is still lingering and the area that has been treated is still wet and needs to be cordoned off so that pets and/or children do not go near it. The longer the stain sits, the more likely permanent damage will be done to the carpet or surface, due to the alkalinity increasing in the stain. The enzymes are designed to break down the uric acid as well as the urea so bacteria can consume them, but if the bacteria are not high enough in concentration, it may not completely consume all the uric acid crystals, which inevitably will release the odor again. Finally, because enzymes are such sensitive molecules, detergents needed to eliminate the odor wind up deactivating the enzymes. This prevents the enzymes from completely removing the stain.

Oxys treat stains well, but not the odor. The oxy cleaners are designed to attack and remove the visible parts of the stain (the urochrome) and not the invisible parts (the urea and uric acid). The active ingredient in these cleaners is hydrogen peroxide, notorious for bleaching and discoloring fibers and surfaces. They also contain a high level of fragrance to give the perception that the only smell left behind will be a fresh scent. The visible stain caused by the urochrome is often removed and the odor neutralizes – however, the job is only half done. Oxy-based cleaners are not capable of removing those pesky little uric acid crystals that we talked about before. As soon as humidity or water is introduced back in the area, these uric acid crystals propagate quickly. Soon, millions of bacteria rally around the crystals emitting that ammonia-like smell again.

Deodorizer simply mask the odor with a temporary fragrance. Once the fragrance subsides, the odor returns.

Until Fizzion came along, scientists did not believe that you could effectively treat both stains and odors equally and thoroughly.
Using the same concept as dry cleaning, Fizzion uses the power of CO2 as a vehicle to make the normally insoluble uric acid soluble so that it can be removed from the fibers permanently. It forms a shield around the stain while it works on it, which immediately reduces odors. Finally, Fizzion’s proprietary blend of cleaners creates an unmatched detergency that removes the stain permanently and without any harm or discoloration to the fibers or surface.

Other cleaners add harsh chemicals or foreign bacteria to clean. Not Fizzion. Its unique formula uses non-toxic ingredients and kills odor-causing bacteria naturally by breaking down and destroying their cell walls.

The science and innovation behind this product has inaugurated a new category of pet stain and odor removers that is unrivaled.

Reasons why Fizzion is different than other cleaners...
Concentrated formula mixes up fresh for maximum cleaning power
Safely unlocks and lifts away new or set-in stains
Kills bacteria to completely eliminate household odors
Eco-friendly packaging minimizes waste and pollution

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Awesome product March 1, 2014
Reviewer: Anonymous Person from MI United States  
This stuff is amazing.  I have 8 cats and somebody started a territory war.  Cleaning the walls was easy, but the stuff runs down the walls and into the carpet.  I sprayed Fission on and you could actually see the spray soak up into the towel I used to soak the Fizzion back up.  What really amazed me was that the exact same thing happened on really old spots that we had never been able to get the smell out of.  Between this and safe space I have a house that doesn't reek.

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  5 of 5 people found the following review helpful:
Fizzion. The greatest June 6, 2013
Reviewer: Karen F. from Colorado Springs, CO United States  
Hi. Just tried this product for the first time.  Blew me away.  I have an 18year old male cat who is missing his litter box and other stuff,  I was at my wits end.  Thought we would try this and so glad I did.  My home for the 1st time in 2 years with no pee smell. Do yourself a favor and try this.  It's a god send...  Thank you Jackson Galaxy. You rock...   Blessings Karen

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